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A book on the formation of celestial bodies told through food recipes that makes astronomy and science seem like a piece of cake.

Cook book to the Universe

Collaborators: Medha Agarwal, Oshin Chawala


Tools: First edition had handmade illustrations and layouts. Copies of some of the pages were remade on Photoshop as digital prototypes.

Target Audience: Young Teenagers.

Some Pages from the Book


Concept: Cook Book to the Universe explains the formation of three celestial bodies- Sun, Earth and the Moon, using food recipes. It is an attempt to make science and astronomy more accessible, fun and magical for children.

Just the idea of the Universe being formed in our kitchens is so absurd yet so relatable that even adults can't help but re-imagine the way they can view and experience pure sciences.

Contextual Inquiry

We went on a field visit to ISRO, Indian  Space Research Organization in Bangalore to observe and learn about the astronomy and space research, specifically in India.

Identifying Problems

1. Gap between professionals and non-experts

2. Creating awareness amongst common masses about space advancement in India is not given any importance.

3. Clinical approach to communicating science

Design Opportunity

Making science and astronomy more accessible to children, especially those who are not ass inclined to science.

Research and ideation

My teammate and I ideated together and combined our ideas on how the story of celestial bodies could be told through food recipes. We also sketched and created multiple layouts for the book.


Variations of fonts and illustrations for the book.

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