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A series of instagram posts to create awareness about Covid and care during Covid.

Covid Social Media Campaign

Collaborators: CoviHelp and Medha Agarwal


Tools: Illustrator, Canva

Target audience: Covid patients and their care takers


During the second wave of the Covid pandemic, things seemed very bleak as people all around us lost their lives not just because of the disease but also lack of resources. I lent my hand to relief efforts in my capacity as a designer. I worked with Covihelp, a volunteer run service that worked 24*7 to help people across India access verified sources of medical facilities including beds, oxygen and medicines. I designed 3 series of posts for their social media awareness campaign.

Series 1- Oxygen Therapy

Different patients require different levels of oxygen administration based on the severeness of their case. Through these posts, I wanted the viewer to understand when a patient might need oxygen therapy so they can get immediate medical assistance. Assuming that it would be viewed by mostly non- medical experts, I kept the illustrations simple such that they gave a general idea of the apparatus and allowed for creating associations with the severity scale highlighted below.

Series 2- Post Covid Care

Recovering from Covid is a process and takes a long time. It is crucial to take care of ourselves and those we love, even after they are in the clear. For this post, I wanted the illustrations to be light and give a sense of calm and joy. Although the illustration style was different, I kept the two series similar by following the inverse colour palette and by using a similar layout with illustration on the corner framing the post diagonally.

Series 3- Breathing Exercises

An important part of recovery after Covid is to heal the lungs. They need to be trained to get back to their original capacity. This is done through breathing exercises. Since the post called for different poses and a movement in the form of deep breathes, I created a goofy character and animated him breathing while demonstrating his different poses.

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